“I thought the sessions were terrific! Great panelists and topics.” 

“Thank you for today, and thank you for opening this conference up to doc students beyond JHU. The sessions I attended provided some of the best mentoring I've had during my doctoral career. I'm an older (much) doctoral student, and I anticipated that today I'd feel out of the loop, sad, and a little bit like everyone's mom. Instead, I emerged from the final session seeing my previous couple of careers, my industry experience, and my maturity as critically important parts of my narrative, not a reason for apology.” 

“It was great. I look forward to this conference again in the future.” 

This event was wonderful and the best virtual conference I've attended! 

“Thank you so much for opening this to other schools! I really appreciate your generosity--and there may even be a way in which "one time only/unique experience" gets people to carve out the time more than for similar panels at our own school. “